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  • What is a briefing?

    A briefing helps you make educated, informed decisions about what technology and solutions are right for your organization. Each session provides the opportunity to learn about the depth and breadth of Lenovo’s portfolio of hardware, software, and services, as well as how our products can be customized to meet your business needs. A briefing gives you access to subject-matter experts and top executives, and allows you to ask questions and address specific business concerns.

    Why Should I Invest My Time In A Customer Briefing At Lenovo?

    Attending a Lenovo customer briefing will minimize the time it takes your organization to make informed procurement decisions and plan for the future. It’s also the fastest way to learn about Lenovo’s technology and products, as well as industry trends.

    Who Is The Intended Audience For Briefings?

    Briefings are designed for business and IT technical professionals involved in procuring and managing an organization’s PC population (both notebooks and desktops) or its server, networking, and storage solutions. Customized briefings are available for large corporate, healthcare, and education customers, as well as top-tier business partners. Smaller organizations are most welcome as well — either here on our campus, or at multi-customer briefings that are held in a variety of locations and are sponsored by Lenovo or our business partners.

    Do I Have To Be A Lenovo Customer To Attend A Briefing?

    No. Briefings are available to all customers—past, current, and future.

    What Are My Options For Attending A Briefing?

    The Lenovo Customer Center and Data Center Group Executive Briefing Center offer several different delivery methods for customer briefings, including customized or multi-customer briefings, outbound briefings in which our experts come to your organization, “Lenovo Live” half-day events held in cities around the U.S. and Canada, and “virtual briefings” for Americas-based customers that are conducted via conference call, WebEx presentation, or video conferencing.

    What Are My Obligations When Attending A Customer Briefing?

    We encourage you to fully participate. Briefings offer the greatest value when there is open, two-way dialogue between attendees and our subject-matter experts. Don’t hold back. Seriously. Bring all of your tough questions, concerns, and ideas to the table.

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